June 18, 2006

Doughty 014-1.jpg
Driving and rocking.
(above pic–of D.C.–by listener Leah; below pic–of Cleveland–by listener Tony Butitta)

Doughty 007.jpg
Just got back to a hotel on the outskirts of Nashville from Bonnaroo; we split before Phil Lesh, to beat the traffic; turns out we beat a rainstorm, too.
We drove 600 miles after the gig in Cleveland last night, to arrive at 9 am. We managed to get some Waffle House in our bellies before we loaded in the gear.
The show was BIG. Maybe 3000 people? The largest tent, and it was overflowing.
I did that show, plus a 30 minute set at the acoustic stage, a couple songs on the radio, three interviews, a photo session, and a signing thing where I autographed stuff for a couple hundred people.
(Good Lord, that’s three shows in less than 18 hours?!)