Boston Copley Square Gig Vignette #1.

July 24, 2005

Listener William Horne sent me these pics of mindblowing dancers that rocked as we played the outdoor show.

A few high-school-aged girls were milling about to the left of the stage as we played. A couple started dancing. Then they began to dance IN UNISON. They were jawdroppingly good. Then the boys they were with came up and starting doing their own routines–BACKFLIPS! They would trade off, boys vs. girls, then together, then solo dancers, and so forth.
We all watched from the stage with our mouths hanging open. Pete McNeal (the man of feel, the admiral of the fabulous) called a Face Calls from behind the drums–an extremely intense and rhythmic Face Calls. “This is for you guys!” he yelled to the dancers.
I don’t know who they were; buskers? Passersby? But they were amazing. There were dudes videotaping; I hope they put it up on the web so people can see it. It made a very hip gig into a crazy feverish rocking gig.