Bound for Addis Ababa

August 12, 2004

So I bought a ticket to Ethiopia. I’m leaving a couple days after I return from my Seattle show. Why am I going? I think mostly because as a kid I loved the sound of “Addis Ababa.” (the capital city) And the Amharic alphabet is extremely cool-looking. (it’s been recommended to me to search out an Amharic typewriter–apparently a quite wondrous contraption)
They also have very spongy bread.
(These are also the reasons that begat my love affair with Cambodia–the sound of “Phnom Penh,” the look of the beautiful Khmer alphabet, the opportunity to hear that lovely language everywhere; it sounds like water burbling over rocks, I swear.)
I’ll spend a week in Addis Ababa, and a week travelling the north of the country–Lalibela, Gondar, Bahar Dar, Axum. It’s where the old rock-hewn churches are. It’ll be the rainy season there, and 55 degrees, which does not compute with my African stereotype.
I’m going to try to type a blog entry or two when I’m over there. I don’t know what the internet caf