Celebrity Artifacts.

January 24, 2007

Probably few of you guys recognize the name on the CD. The 45 King is an eminent hip-hop producer; the guy who did the classic “900 Number” beat, aka the Ed Lover Dance.
My fine fine drummer Pete McNeal did a gig backing Redman at the Canal Room last night. Scrap and I went. Fantastic gig. Redman’s presence is HUGE onstage; Soul Coughing toured with him, and when he would come out for a tune I would feel suddenly dwarfed. The guy just radiates.
He’s also a very sweet man, and still completely flabbergasts me by calling me N___a.
Anyway. The 45 King is standing next to Scrap and I, waiting for an audience. As he’s walking away, Pete says, “You know who that is? The 45 King.”
WHAT?! I say. You want to meet him? says Pete. He calls out to him, I shake his hand. The 45 King reaches into his jacket and produces CDs for Scrap and I. Apparently he just rolls around with CDs of his new beats.
That’s the 45 King’s phone number on there! What am I gonna do? “Hello, 45 King? It’s Mike. Have you been eating your greens?”