Christmas in Asmara.

August 3, 2005

I’m going to Eritrea for xMas.

I’m cashing in a boatload of United miles for biz class tix to Eritrea! (it’s the country just North of Ethiopia) You’ve got to do it this early in the year, otherwise all the seats get snapped up.
I’ll be there for three weeks. What I’ll do for three weeks, who knows? Probably just take pix, soak up the atmosphere in Asmara and Massawa.
Hilarious that I just got this gigantic tattoo in Amharic (the Ethiopian language). Eritrea and Ethiopia have been at war periodically–and bitterly–over the past thirty years. I spose I’ll be wearing long sleeves the entire time.
PS. I flew back to NY from Detroit this morning–I was out there playing at some radio stations–and nobody in the airport checked my ID. How weird is that? I did self-service check in, and I think the guy at security just didn’t notice me.