Collided Igneous, So Lucid Old Genie, Eluded I Sing Cool, Includes Good Lie, Soul Do Diligence, Duelling So Docile, No Logic Is Eluded, So Indie Could Gel.

October 12, 2007

Anagrams courtesy of listener Joe Bawol!
I’ve been living inside Ableton Live for two weeks. It’s a piecing of looping/DJing/producing software. I’ve been feeding in seven years’ worth of stuff I did on drum machines, and looping riffs like I haven’t done since Soul Coughing (after the first record, my bandmates were increasingly unreceptive to loops I brought in from other people’s music. Maybe they were right, we woulda been poorer, giving our money away to other composers!)
I think I’ve actually lost weight because sometimes I stay locked inside the headphones rather than foraging. Aw, it’s noon? Just let me loop this one more thing, the I’ll get lunch–wait, no, this one more thing–be done in a moment–wait, it’s 2 pm already? Like that.
It’s evolving into what I think may be a DJ set. Maybe a record? Well, I could only use the majority of the loops live–gone are the days when Warner Bros would write a fat check to pay off the Raymond Scott estate and Toots Hibbert for their unsuspecting contributions! Even rappers are too smart to use samples these days.
I shouldn’t tell my manager or record company about this. “Um, so Golden Delicious isn’t even out yet, and you’ve already made another record? An all-instrumental electro record?!
Yeah. They get confused. Not that I don’t get confused myself.
I fired my German tutor the other day. After a year of lessons, I discovered I just wasn’t that interested in talking to her–she wasn’t an art lady. I had a hard enough time explaining why, as homework, I brought in poems written in my own crude German, about hangmen, mystical eggs, and devils.
It was weird–it was a textbook passive-aggressive-co-dependent breakup. Lots of weird out of left field snarks. This is sadly indicative of my world–I even got into a co-dependent relationship with my fucking German teacher.
I’ve already found another teacher, and a German conversation group for Saturday mornings–any other recording artists out there that get up at 9 am on a weekend to study German? No?
I dreamed last night I lived in the ruins of the Statue of Liberty with hordes of wild rabbits, and I joined the T.S.A. as a citizen safety monitor on the A/C/E subway line.
I get up on Sundays, as I’ve told you many times, and watch Old White Guy TV, aka CBS News Sunday Morning. The critic Bill Flanagan reviewed a bunch of albums, mostly by older artists, and, about the album format, said, “These artists prove there’s life in the old form yet.”
I can dig it. Golden Delicious is sequenced as an album, and I’d dig it very much if some people listened to it that way. But, we live in a one song world these days. Why is that considered to be trivial? A single song to me can be like a great painting, something to be contemplated, scrutinized, until all its nuances reveal themselves–and can keep revealing little parts of the mystery every time you listen. When I fall in love with a song, I put it on repeat and listen to it for half an hour straight, back-to-back, on subway rides.
I snarked mildly on Vanessa Carlton in a blog, and took shit from listeners who told me that she was not, in fact, a “rich California girl on a temporary urban escapade,” but had gone to Julliard and lived here for years. I was in fact beset upon by a couple of rich California girls, who were all like, And what the fuck is wrong with being a rich California girl, blog boy? Nothing the fuck is wrong with being a rich California girl. OK, I knew that that would come off as pejorative. But it shouldn’t, necessarily, right?
I remember being accused by a fellow student in school of being a white liberal. I reacted all kinds of flustered. But, you know, I am a white liberal.
Anyway. Vanessa, I’m glad you enjoy Nolita, though, cranky ex-East Village bohemian that I am, I consider the nabe a travesty. I would advise you, though, that when you sing Take away my record deal! you’re asking to be too broke to live there.
Don’t worry, there’s plenty of $1200 studios in Bed-Stuy! (actually, I did hear that M.I.A. lives there, and believe me, I’m not snarking, I live in fucking Flatbush, to which gentrification will arrive in approximately 2047)
I’m gonna get a cam and vlog a little. Apparently exclusive “value-added content” is something they like in online promotion for music. I don’t know what I’m gonna do–make a short film of myself making a smoothie? Show off my collection of Egon Schiele postcards?