Dan Wilson: Wild-Eyed Wild Man of Rock and Roll.

November 16, 2004

The indomitable John Munson came over in the morning and played trombone parts on “American Car.”

I woke up late. 8 am! “Like a pasha,” said Dan, as I stumbled out of the guest room, which is adjacent to the studio. He was already working, on headphones. Oh, I hate oversleeping. Though it’s a rare musician that feels guilty when starting work at the advanced hour of 8:30.
Munson, ever delightful, came over with his horn, jumped right in the booth, and did a great part, a whole choir/section of trombones following the changes: an idea we cribbed from Joe Tex’s “The Love You Save May Be Your Own.” He’s been crazy busy with his adopted daughter Jing-Jing, so he had to rock and get the hell out of there.
Dan and I talked about Dig!, and the scenes we dug: the familiar treachery of the A&R people, the scene where the Dandys hork the Brian Jonestown Massacre’s party crash pad for a photo shoot, showing up while the BJM are still sleeping off hangovers, camera crew in tow, and setting up shots in various rooms of the house as members of the other band emerged, rubbing their eyes.
We anticipate that Dan and my records will be out around the same time in the Spring. We resolved to do our own version of the Dandys/Brian Jonestown feud. With Dan in the role of the crazed, careening Anton Newcombe of the BJM, interrupting tunes to scream at bandmates who do their parts wrong, then pushing them off the stage, kicking audience members in the head. Of course.