Elliott Will Go Home.

May 16, 2006

I am supercrazysure.

He could bring it tonight, I guess. I doubt it.
Maybe people love the McPhee more than I think they do. (I believe Chris got the boot because people figured he was safe, and they were voting for whom they wanted to be the also-ran) I think she’ll make a good record (at least, a good record to me), which Chris would not have done, and will not do, as the frontperson in Fuel, or whatever bland air-conditioning-rock band he joins or forms.
Anyway. The McPhee may make an improved Carrie Underwood. Maybe I’m rationalizing.
Though the clip shows played and replayed Chris’ astonished reaction to his getting dropped last week, what was fascinating to me was the McPhee; the moment she realized it was her and Chris in the bottom, she had a look of despondant resignation; between her and Chris, it seemed doubtless that she was outta there. And then when Chris went home, it was like her face blew wide open.
Also: the Name Authorities need to figure out a standard number of L’s in T’s in Elliott. Eliot? Eliott? Elliot? Ellliottt?