En Route to the Gig in Aspen, We Stopped On the Continental Divide.

May 27, 2005

I bought this guitarron, a massive bass instrument they use in Mariachi music, in Tucson.

I’d seen the many guitarrons they keep in stock at Chicago Music in Tucson when I played the Hotel Congress there a couple years before, and always regretted not buying one. I think I slightly blew the store guy’s mind when I rushed in, between radio appearances in Tucson (we flew in that day and out that night, there was no gig, only the radio stuff), and said “Gimme that instrument! How much? Oh, do you have spare strings? What’s the thing tuned to?” And slapped down the credit card and rushed back out.
The road up through Independance Pass was so high up that we felt like we had weights on our chests. It was intense. We contemplated dividing up our 18-song set into 6-song minisets with intermissions, as I couldn’t fathom being able to take a single deep breath at this altitude, much less sing 18 songs in a row. Thankfully Aspen is 4,000 feet lower than the continental divide, and now I only feel as if there is a mere paint can atop my lungs.
I’m at the club in Aspen as I type this–doors just opened–onstage in–an hour? Something like that.