Fileteado Porte

January 17, 2005

An Argentine folk art, they paint buses and trucks and billboards and wine bottles and shop windows with it.

On the heels of this record’s completion, suddenly I’m BANG! in art mode again. Journaling extensively. Practicing constantly. I’ve been really turned on by the musicians I’ve been auditioning–I’m kind of amazed how deep a talent pool there is out there, that have responded to my ad.
The last time I ran an ad looking for musicians, it was in the New York Press in 1991–I had a band I called M. Doughty’s Soul Coughing, there were ads in the Knitting Factory schedule for it, but I had no players–and all I got were a few freaks, and one guy in the Coast Guard.
I put a stack of poetry books beside my bed. I read ‘em before sleep, a few poems at a time, then switching poets. Dylan Thomas, Zbigniew Herbert, Borges, Robert Kelly, Rimbaud, Whitman. I get good dreams.