Final Note on Bonnaroo.

June 21, 2006

These pix, of the post-show acoustic mini-set I did at B-roo, by listener Jenn See (more of hers at

We kept bumping into Bonnaroo-ers on their way home as we stopped in gas stations. Some of them came over and congratulated us on the gig, which was nice.
Bonnaroo really is as special as they say it is. The music business in general has lost its intense interest in the jam-band scene, but those hippies, man, they still have something beautiful going on. I met the drummer from Umphrey’s McGee, he digs my shit, maybe we’ll do shows together.
The most fun I had there was when they’d shuttle me around on a golf cart, bobbing and weaving through the dusty, stoned crowd.
I dig all the Weird Shit they put up for the crowd: the flame garden, the sound sculptures, the silent disco, the VW garage, complete with garage bands and basketball hoops. Like a post-Burning Man thing. It’s the only festival I’ve ever been to–groovy European ones include–that try so hard to make sure that you’re in a fascinating environment, not just standing in a field waiting for a band.
Awesome scene: at the Sonic Stage post-show mini-show, right in front of me, a girl whipped out her pipe and a ziploc bag and placed it on the stage. She pulled out a bud, cleaned it a little, put in the pipe, and lit it up. Very casually.
I don’t like being stoned any more, but it sure is fun to play shows for people on drugs. There were three girls on E just fucking losing their minds there, right in front. Come to think of it, that probably was not so fun for their fellow attendees.