First Day of Recording.

June 22, 2006

russell sanford 4.jpg
(Above ganked from Russell Sanford; below, ganked from Patrick Woodward)

patrick woodward 6.jpg
We’re trying to make this one sound super live. So, we loaded the gear in, and spent hours and hours seeing which snare drum sounded right. Munson came by with his big old bass. Kirby fucked around with his amazing cheap Casios and a Memory Man pedal.
One of the snares is called a Tube-Lug. I don’t know if we’re using it. But I want to say the name over and over again: Tube-Lug. Tube-Lug. Tube-Lug.
It took us ’til dinnertime to be ready to play. We tracked “27 Jennifers,” take after take, the pocket settling and loosening up gradually.
The guitar part is all downstrokes. My wrist was fucking sore when I went to bed.
patrick woodward 5.jpg