Folksy Japes.

October 14, 2004

Kerry by a hair.

W is a formidable opponent, considering how quickly he got his shit together, dropping the hunching and grimacing of his Nixonian performance in the first debate.
The most remarkable thing to me was the last question, the softball about what they’ve learned from the strong women in their life. I hated that the question played so perfectly into Bush’s folksy shtick, and of course he knocked it out of the park with a joke about how his wife told him not to hunch and grimace. Even Kerry laughed.
Then Kerry said: “I think we’ve all traded up with our women.” Beat. “Especially me.” And the whole house laughed at the joke about his zillionaire spouse. Except Bush, who grimaced. Apparently it doesn’t please him that someone else could pop off a down to earth quip.