Gift City.

November 29, 2004

My half-joking Downloader’s Amnesty Plan has been weirdly successful.

Good people have already purchased, on Amazon, for me: a set of pens, a bar of soap, three nice notebooks, three pairs of socks, a ball pein hammer, and fake-fur lined handcuffs.
Every day this past weekend I’ve had to troll through Amazon, searching for cheap items to put on there, so that one doesn’t click on the wishlist and think, “I downloaded one song, and this guy wants me to buy him an iPod?!”
I want to just say for the record that you really don’t have to buy me this stuff, it’s OK by me if you’ve downloaded my songs.
But, if you’ve got a yen to band together and get me that Nord Electro keyboard–who could argue?
PS–Whereas it’s hilarious to buy me some tiny non-sequitur of a gift, a better use of money would be to donate generously to the Musicians’ Assistance Program. They help people.