Go or Do Not Go or Go or Do Not Go or Go or Do Not Go or.

November 18, 2005

Relatively stable in Eritrea. I may go. Relatively stable in Portland. Still, I may not go.

I found this awesome, awesome pad walking distance from the Fresh Pot and Mississippi Records–I tell my New York friends about it and it’s like real estate porn for us cramped Manhattanites–but I don’t know if I can do it right now. Too much shit to do. Weird way to throw my life into turbulence in the middle of the life of Haughty.
I moved to London in the middle of working a record once, and it was madness.
In Portland, I was drinking coffee and walking around and looking at books, like, Ooh, I’ll read more Chekhov in Portland! I’ll buy a turntable!
Can’t I read Chekhov in New York? It’s funny.
Living on the Lower East Side, of course, I have NO FUCKING ROOM FOR A TURNTABLE.