Goodbye Burma; Hello, Berlin.

September 20, 2006

(this also ganked from Spage)
It hit me like a ton of bricks the other day that I was obsessed with speaking German, and Germany, and yet I’m spending December in Burma? I’ll get to Burma eventually. I called United, cancelled my flight to Bangkok, got my frequent flier miles back, then managed to blag a business class ticket via Warsaw (hard to get a Christmastime ticket using miles this this late in the year).
Part of the Burma thing came from a determination made six years ago, the last time I was in Cambodia, that I would save up enough miles to afford my own business class ticket to Bangkok. I felt obligated to a six-year-old decision despite the fact that my fascinations had moved on.
Strangely, later on the same day I cancelled the ticket, tanks were rolling in the streets of Bangkok; a military coup.
Two weeks in the middle of Europe in the dead of winter. Itinerary (so I’m thinking at this moment): Berlin, Vienna, Leipzig, Munich. Riding trains, writing in notebooks, drinking coffee from very small cups. Also: currywurst. Sounds like a party to me.