December 8, 2004

Skittish/Rockity came out yesterday.

How weird and thrilling–I’ve been labelless for nearly five years. Still being in the Twin Cities, I wanted to go to Electric Fetus and see if they had it in the racks there. But I didn’t go–maybe I’m scared of something?
It was fun being an utterly independant artist–it was romantic, and, frankly, I made more money than I did when I was in Soul Coughing–but I felt kind of illegitimate. It’s good to have a label. It’s good to be associated with a fun coterie of artists–to include my new boss.
I looked at it on the iTunes store, which was very satisfying. I want to see, after people have bought a few, what shows up under the “Listeners also bought” column.
I’ve been reading Jake Slichter’s So You Wanna Be a Rock and Roll Star–ooh, that title pains me, Jake deserves better!–while Dan mixes. Jake was Dan’s drummer, and it’s a fantastic tale, a better take on life in the music business than anything else I’ve read. And hilarious.
But to read all that music biz stuff, the radio people, the boneheaded marketing moves, the sorry attempts to force a group of talented men in their 30s to pretend they’re kids–it sucked the energy out of me.
“Dan,” I said from the couch. “I have an idea–how about we not make an album?”