Hi from the Boat.

February 5, 2006

I’m blogging on a cruise ship in the middle of the sea; nothing but water for miles.

We’re doing the Dave-Matthews-and-friends cruise; a bunch of bands, G. Love, Ozomatli, N. Miss Allstars, Lucas from Blue Merle, Soulive, Bob Weir, and others, played on boats that sailed to the Bahamas, where Dave played a gig.
Sadly the weather was hideous–rain for three straight days, then a horrible storm during Dave’s set. Rain so hard it actually hurt. Dave saved the day by coming on each of the boats and doing acoustic sets.
Our sets were really fun, raw and good, with hardcore fans carousing and dancing in this weird on-ship nightclub with kind of a disco 80s vibe. (The decor on the boat is really surreal and astonishing)
Scrap met Trey. Scrap loves Trey. Scrap is beaming.
We woke up this morning and found ourselves in the middle of the ocean. Which was surprising because we were supposed to dock at an island and hang out on a beach. It was rainy on the island, so they just decided to drive the boat around aimlessly in non-rainy seas.
We dock in Miami tomorrow; we have 8 hours ’til our flights home, so Chuck’s gonna rent a minivan, and we’ll all tool around South Beach, look at the pretty people on rollerblades, and resolve to get lipsuction.