Howdy from Van Horn, TX.

September 25, 2005

(The foto above is another one ganked from listener Devin Grant.)

We drove out of Austin after Oasis finished their set, and now we’re halfway to Tucson. The driver has stopped at a Holiday Inn in Van Horn, and so we wait until midnight to drive the rest of the way. It’s a desolate landscape with scrubby hills in the distance. Very strange to wake up here, it makes me feel mysteriously contented.
Chuck is glued to his Packer game on the bus’ satellite TV, and I’m emailling/posting/surfing like a fiend. I woke up at 11 am today. Have I talked to you about this? I keep waking up at 11 fucking am, that’s like absurd for me, the usual scene is that if I sleep ’til 9 I feel like I’m sleeping late like some kind of decadent pasha.
Pete McNeal and Handsome Dan, on the other hand, are still asleep as I type this.
We’re about 73 miles from Marfa, where the sculptor Donald Judd converted an abandoned army base into a sculpture park, with massive, austere works by himself and Dan Flavin. I’ve always wanted to go there. I really would hire a cab to get there, but the front desk at the Holiday Inn says of Van Horn, “We don’t have cabs here.”
So. At least they have Wi-Fi. Or wiffy, as we call it on the bus. As differentiated from Scrap’s wife, whom he calls The Wif.