I Had the Lemongrass Chicken.

April 12, 2005

I saw David Gage on Centre Street.

They gave me a lunch break from jury duty and I went to Pho Nha Trang, something of a judicial institution down there, nestled amid the stately court buildings and the boxy, 70s-era federal buildings. Tasty stuff. I need to thank the readers who wrote me to recommend the place.
Lunching across the room was David Gage, the maverick string repair guy of Tribeca. Weird as it is to call a string-instrument-repair guy that, you gotta trust me, the vibe this guy has couldn’t be described as anything but maverick. He looks like if Marc Ribot was an Eastern European carpenter.
My bass player Andrew and I went over to his shop a few weeks ago, and played some instruments. “It’s like Six Flags in here,” said Andrew, a note of wonder in his voice.