I Handed Anna Paquin My Chinese Lute.

April 18, 2007

Back in Minneapolis last week for more tracking. So great to see the fellows. Scrap was there, this time, playing guitar; he brings wonderful energy. He wasn’t playing bass on the previous sessions, and we missed him; I was gonna credit him on the album anyway, as Chaplain.
We cut two new tunes, and re-cut one that sounds like a single. One of the former, and new verses I wrote on the latter, reflect my breakup last year, which naturally I’ve been writing a lot about.
Munson added big fat trombone parts that go BWOMP! to the single-ish one. Ken Chastain, a fantastic percussionist, was on the session, and Mankwe Ndosi–her backing vocal is gonna be an integral characteristic of this new album.
I had been adamant in earlier sessions about this thing I called Dude Theory–listening to the record, one has to be able to connect each sound with a visualize-able Dude. Haughty Melodic was exactly the opposite, guitars layered upon guitars and vocals upon vocals.
In a way I’m consciously trying to make this one different. Unfortunately, I’ve learned that every time I make a new move, all these people come out of the woodwork telling me that what I did two years ago was better. Skittish people disliked Rockity Roll, those people complained about Haughty. Oh well. I gotta keep moving.
It sounds great! McNeal, Kirby, Ken, Munson, Scrap, Mankwe, Dan, Brad the engineer–everybody was smiling.
I wrote an anti-war song for this session. Actually, it