I Met the Charlottesville Mafia.

November 19, 2004

Dave and I are very suspicious of you.

OK, no, we’re not, really.
I went down to Charlottesville to meet the peeps at my record company. It was awesome. They have this air of liberation about them–as in, they can work in the music business without having to live in New York or Los Angeles. I liked ‘em a lot; they’ve clearly got a powerful and funky operation; this is gonna be good. As I’ve said here in the past, ATO is pretty much my dream label.
Before the gig, I was summoned to the DMB studio–one might say, the Dave Cave–and thanked Dave for inviting me into his righteous cause. They also played me a few tracks, which sounded great–there was one in particular that I thought was a really fantastic progression for them, I fear mentioning the title would be talking out of school. Also, their choice of producer, which was suprising and great.
Dave gave me a tour of the Dave Cave; it’s a swank set-up, for sure.
A fun show, too; I was energized by the hang with Dave, and I felt like I played great. The crowd was fun and friendly, except for a couple of chatties up front (I hate it when the chatties are up front–c’mon, pal, go back to the bar, at least, willya?)
I was signing stuff after the show and two girls walk up. “We have two things to say to you.” Okay. “First of all, in ‘Rising Sign’, when you say ‘I resent the way you make me like myself,’ do you mean, I resent you making me appreciate myself, or I resent you making me similar to myself?”
Both, it’s a double entendre.
“Oh, wow! It’s such a great song, wow, I love that song so much! And the second thing is: WHY DID YOU YELL AT US FOR TALKING, WE’RE MAD AT YOU AND YOU LOST TWO FANS TONIGHT AND WE’RE NEVER GONNA COME SEE YOU AGAIN.”