I Think There’s a Rush Lyric on This Subject.

February 8, 2008

I didn’t vote on Tuesday. Because I would be happy with Obama or Hillary, and I didn’t want to make a random choice. I feel guilty about it, but I’d feel guiltier if I did, because I’d immediately regret my choice, whatever it was.
When Hillary was supposed to lose New Hampshire, I felt sad for her. Then when she won, I immediately felt bad about Obama losing. So, where others might enjoy this opportunity to feel good, I choose to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
Hillary is tough. She can run a fucking country. I’d like some of that Clintonian prosperity back.
Obama would instantly restore a tremendous amount of respect for us, worldwide. There’s a bestseller in Germany called Der schwarze Kennedy–the black Kennedy. I’d love to go back to Berlin and feel good about where my country’s at.
And NOW. I remember when McCain was considered all but out. There were some polls that found Democrats to have an abiding fondness for him. Of course. He’s covertly pro-life, and in general independent of the backwards moralistic pandering that defines his party. I just can’t believe that a modern, educated, worldly political elite, of any party, could believe the pap they spoon-feed the evangelical (incorrectly called “Christian”) right for their votes. Reagan, for all his wooing, did little to advance a pro-life agenda.
I have complex feelings about the war (I don’t want to go into them here, but listen to my song “Fort Hood,” named after a base in Texas that’s lost the most people in the war, on my MySpace) But I gotta give it up for a guy who supported the Iraq war when it was anathema, almost blew his chance at the nomination because he wouldn’t hedge on it, and when the national wisdom came to believe that the war was going well again, he hadn’t budged at all.
What if the Republicans abandoned the simplistic moral stuff and were purely a party of fiscal conservatism? Look, I’m an upper-middle-class white dude. When Mike Huckabee said, during the YouTube debate, that he wanted to abolish the IRS, I was captivated in spite of myself.
Right now I’m worried that the intramural Hillary/Obama (and ps, why does Obama have a last name, and HIllary only a first, like a daytime talk show host?) is gonna take up a lot of political energy while the Republicans gain steam and strength on a national campaign.
But of course, whoever he/she is that loses, I’ll be bummed about it.
A luxury problem, right? I’m still angry at the 2000 Nader people. I’ll never forget hearing Tom from Rage Against the Machine say, on MTV, “They might as well be the same candidate: Gush and Bore.” I thought: What are you, new?! Have you listened to this Bush guy talk?!