I’m Psyched to Get Home, But Scared for the Tour to Be Ending.

December 3, 2006

I look at the MySpace page and it’s so weird that the list of upcoming gigs opening for BNL, once 30, is now down to one; the RIMAC center in San Diego.
I’m pretty spent. Weirdly, the cold desert nights in L.A., Arizona, and Las Vegas have gotten into my bones. This didn’t happen in the frigid Midwest. I must be worn down.
The band is really cracking, though; it’s always a shame to end a tour when the interband multi-mind-multi-hands is so killing.
There’s some strange drama awaiting me at home, but that’s not why I’m feeling uneasy to return; it’s something more nebulous. It always happens to me at the end of a tour, even though I’m overjoyed at the thought of my own bed.