I’m Putting the Call Out.

January 8, 2005

I’m looking for a band. Wanna join?

I’ve found all the visual artists I’ve worked with over the past few years–all the covers of my solo albums–on the internet. Now, needing a band, I wonder if I put the call out here, if I’d find some musicians…?
Here’s the ad I put up on my bulletin boards at Friendster and MySpace:
My next record will be out in the Spring, and I plan to tour like a fiend; so, I’m putting a new band together. (the guys I did the record with live in Minnesota, and the guys in New York I’ve been playing with are just so happening they don’t have time for me!)
So–if you’re a player who likes my scene and wants a gig–or you know someone who is, and does–
I need a drummer, an upright bass player, and an electric piano player (Rhodes, Wurlitzer). The sound, is, you know, my vibe–singer/songwriter-y, hiphop records circa 1991 ish, weirdness and simplicity in liberal doses. Not quite like Soul Coughing–less hardcore freaky–but not the stripped down Skittish thing, either.
Be in or near New York; don’t be a weed addict. And be awesome!
Send yer links or MP3s to