Internet Monument to Drunks.

April 11, 2006

My girlfriend appeared on LastNightsParty.

I feel kind of oddly honored-by-proxy. She wasn’t naked, but caught mid-dance with a surprised look as the flash went off in her face. Her roommate apparently was coaxed into the bathroom for one of the topless shots that the site is famous for. It doesn’t appear on the site. Which is a relief to me: Hey Honey, I saw your roommate’s titties on the web! No. Awkward.
Have you ever seen the guy whose site it is? Merlin Bronques? A thin black man of indeterminate sexuality, wearing tinted glasses and a blonde Prince Valiant wig. I saw him at the Sub Pop party at the Sundance Festival and was half-star-struck.
Handsome Dan Chen once got into trouble with his beloved because he was jokingly biting the shoulder of a female bandmate and Merlin snapped it.