Jennifer Hudson Is Just Insanely Cute, Isn’t She?

February 26, 2007

Tremendous brunettes around, indeed. I am happy. And it snowed! And I’m writing songs! And going back to Berlin! Happy happy.
I went over to Scrap’s in WBurg yesterday. We went through the songs we’re gonna do at the Old Knit celebration on Thursday. He’s a great guitar player. Marc Ribot used to use bass players as his guitar players in his circa-1993 group Shrek; now I see why. He doesn’t suffer from guitar-player-ism.
Scrap is just a musical dude, too, unlike the majority of this planet’s guitar players. He picks amazing notes to augment the chords. I keep encouraging him to get weird in the breaks, and when he busts out with some weirdness, it’s giddy and divine.
I’m sure there are more guitar players than any other kind of instrumentalists in the Western World; I’m also certain there are fewer good guitar players than any other instrumentalist. What is it about that instrument? (ps, not that I’m absolving myself!)
I told Scrap I’m going home to watch the Oscars.
“Is Matt Damon nominated for anything?” he asks.
No, I say.
“Then I’m not watching,” he says.
I am cramming the German. Going through flashcards of irregular verbs and adjective endings on the train. Pronouncing the words to myself, unafraid to look stupid.
I’m flying back to Berlin on Saturday night. Staying in an apartment in Prenzlauer Berg, which is exciting–being right there in the middle of my favorite neighborhood, living semi-real-Berliner style, not being in a hotel. Cheaper, too, which is key, as I need to get back there often in order to really get this Deutsch thing down.
My plan is to be constantly going to 12-step meetings (Orthodox 12 steppers please note I’m still keeping anonymity intact). That there are meetings all over the world–I’ve been to them in Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, you name it–is a fantastic resource for getting to know local people outside the traveler’s circuit. All I can really say in German (that’s pertinent) is something like: I did lots of drugs, I hated myself, I didn’t want to die, I love life, I am happy now.
I intend to be stubborn and speak only German. Germans are generally really nice about this, and pleased that you want to speak their language, in spite of the fact that nearly all of them speak English flawlessly.
Expect photos of currywurst from Konnopke’s Imbi