Let’s Make Nice with Starbuxx Peeps.

October 26, 2005

I just got back from Seattle where I played a party co-sponsored by Starbucks.

KMTT in Seattle has put out a compilation in conjunction with Stbx, benefitting a wildlife fund. They flew us out and we played a set for contest winners. I debated excluding “Busting” from the set, being that Stbx personnel were on hand, but I decided not to wuss out, and played it, after a preamble: Look, this song is making fun of WTO protesters–“Go on and fix it with your tiny fist there”–not advocating riots, and if you cut me off from my latte I’ll die I’ll just die.
The next day I was in the Stbx across the street from my hotel. The compilation was sitting on the counter. I laughed. What’s so funny, asked the girl. I’m track ten on there! I said.
She had me autograph it for her.
Pretty much the moment I landed in Seattle I went to Vivace on Broadway, some of my favorite coffee in the world. But almost any other city in America it’s Sbtx I’m looking for.