Lonely Guitars Looking for Homes.

January 27, 2005

Above is the back of the cheap-shit Yamaha telecaster copy I played on Ruby Vroom. I got more guitars that I need to find happy homes for; see below.
Let me reiterate my earlier entry–

Hey–I’ve sold some of these already–see below.
I have a bunch of guitars to sell. A few things I should note:
1) It disturbs me to keep a guitar in a storage space; guitars need to be played and loved.
2) People keep telling me I should hang on to old guitars I don’t play any more, because I may need them, but I can’t help it, it’s my psychic disposition to travel light.
3) I don’t want to fuck with eBay.
See below for more information–anybody interested, please email me at md@mikedoughty.com.
Oh, and I’ll be humbly asking the purchaser to pay for shipping–shouldn’t be more than $30 in most cases.
This is a beautiful guitar, and I adore it; I played it on about half the tracks on Smofe + Smang. But I just can’t lock it up in a storage space anymore with a clear conscience. I took it to Susan at Ludlow Guitars today, it’ll be spiffied and awesome, no buzzes or nothin’. I bought it new in 2000. I’m selling it for $1,351.08.
I’ve sold this one already.
I played this one on the El Oso sessions; if memory serves correctly, I recorded “Circles” and “$300″ on this guitar. (my other Coronado, the famous green one that I played Letterman with, I actually didn’t like as much sound-wise, so it’s a reasonable guess that this one is the one on the album)
You’ll probably need to take it to a shop for a set-up; it hasn’t been played for years. I’m selling it for $805.27.
I’ve sold this one already.
I played this on my first solo “small rock” tour, although the pickup is newer. Baby Taylors sound really beautiful, but here’s the thing–they’re REALLY fragile. The hardware on the headstock is really heavy, and thus I’ve had the experience numerous times of the headstock snapping off the neck. No fun. So beware!
The pickup doesn’t actually come out, the screws that hold it in having been stripped. I’m selling this for $227.53.
Oh, and one more thing–all I’ve got is a soft-case for this. So, please be in the New York area, or visiting New York, so I don’t have to put it in the clumsy hands of UPS.
I’ve sold this one.
Do they make these anymore? I don’t know. This is a reissue circa 2000, not vintage. People keep writing and asking about this one–the truth is, I have no idea what to ask for it. Somebody want to hip me to this guitar’s value situation? Somebody just wanna make an offer?
This is another one in a soft case, so a New York area person is preferred.
I sold this one already
I bought this to use as a secondary guitar on the Rusted Root/Volkswagen tour.
The jack that you plug the Roland synth cable into has been broken–the jack still works, but what held it in place is gone, so the cable dangles precariously (see the pic below). There may be copious futzing-about involved.
I’m askin’ $335.03.
I sold this one, sorry to the billions of people who inquired!
OK. So, this is the guitar I recorded Ruby Vroom on; I also played every Soul Coughing show up ’til about 1996 on it, and wrote “City of Motors,” “Supra Genius,” “Sugar Free Jazz,” on it.
Now. Here’s the deal. THIS GUITAR IS A PIECE OF JUNK. (like you can’t tell that by just looking at it!) It should be noted that the duct-tape around the high pickup holds the pickup in place. Actually, I played with duct-tape holding the pickup in on Ruby and on tour; it worked fine that way, though who knows if anything works on this guitar now.
I gather from the torrent of email that lots of people are interested in this guitar (which, me being a dumb-bag, I was actually surprised by), and I think are prepared to offer WAY more money than this thing is worth. Which does make me feel a little weird.
So. I’m open to whatever anybody wants to offer for it. One of the reasons I’m selling this stuff–besides just wanting to unburden myself of unnecessary items–is that I need to go out and get some new guitars, work out a new guitar sound that will slot a little better into a full-band’s sound–and I need a little cash for that.
But, if someone should be willing to buy this thing for too much money, I’ll be donating half the proceeds to the Musicians’ Assistance Program, a group that helps musicians with addiction problems get treatment.
Fun facts: The ugly gashes come from a night I got really high and tried to scrape off the blackish-purple paint with a screwdriver. That’s my old Brooklyn number on the sticker on the front-page photo; I printed the stickers up to put on Soul Coughing demo cassettes. On the other pic of the guitar’s back, that’s a half-photo of Atlantic Records A&R guy Jason Flom, and a sticker meant for the back of a remote control, listing the Time Warner cable channel lineup circa 1992.
I sold this one.
Here’s another one for the “Who the hell would want this thing?” category. This thing was great stuff in 1998–the drum-and-bass producer Optical recommended it to me. I played a few things on El Oso on it; the Chris Rock sample (“How much! She said!” etc) on “$300,” some of the samples on “Monster Man”. I’ve heard a Kazaa’d live Soul Coughing track called “A Milkshake” that’s me playing samples of Bette Davis saying “Fully equipped with fire and music!” and “A milkshake?” and “Sole and exclusive rights and privileges!” on this thing.
But, do you want it? It’s big and heavy (in a very sturdy enclosure, I might add.) It’s eight years out of date. It’ll cost you a ZILLION BUCKS to have it shipped.
But if you live in the NYC area and want it–I’ll take best offer–hey, otherwise I think I’ll be putting it out on the street!
(Those pieces of tape with multiple area-codes written on them in magic marker were done by my guitar tech RJ on the El Oso tour; he would research all the local area codes and put those stickers everywhere so I could shout out, “Is the 516 in the house?!” etc.)