Marching Off to the Question Jar Show.

April 30, 2009

I just piled 17 identical navy blue t-shirts into a suitcase, and that can mean only one thing–we’re flying out to do a couple weeks of shows on the West Coast!
A few of the shows have sold out–maybe if you’re thinking of coming, you ought to buy your ticket soonish? Second shows in LA and SF have been added. The full spate of dates are at
Now, let me run through a bunch of things you probably know about already!
My cello-and-electric-guitar guy, Andrew “Scrap” Livingston and I are doing a thing called The Question Jar Show–a duo show, just us two–we put a jar on the front of the stage, you put questions in it before we play, we answer ‘em between songs. Questions on any topic–obscure, weird, or esoteric questions accepted happily.
If you want to keep up-to-date with mundane details, I am MICRO-BLOGGING LIKE A FIEND. You can find me at:
And there’ll be a CD I’ll be selling after the show called Busking, recorded live in the 14th St subway station (in that long tunnel between the 1/2/3 and the F). It is, as the wise man once said, not available in stores. Or anywhere else other than at the gigs, from me directly.
Addendum: I did not end up buying the above glasses, because I only buy eyewear of which my girlfriend approves. She is, apparently, not that into Terry Richardson.