Mason Televised.

April 9, 2006

My brother in arms Mason Jennings on television this morning.

When I’m up on Sundays, I watch CBS News Sunday Morning, which I like to call Old White Dude Television. The ads are for commmunications conglomerates clearly promoting their stock to the old white dudes who buy stock, and for golf gear. The host wears a bow tie and pronounces 2006 “twenty oh six” rather than two thousand six.
There was a thing about singer-songwriters on there, and I was all prepared to get bitter about not being featured next to Jenny Lewis and Rhett Miller, when who should show up onscreen but my homey Mason Jennings. Genius guy, great artist.
Literally I shot up my arm in a devil-horn salute and said YEAH! when he unexpectedly appeared onscreen.
There was also a piece about the renewed popularity of meditation, which was a fine coincidence, as it was Mason that helped me get into meditating. And along the same lines, apparently Mason’s new single is called “Be Here Now.”