June 26, 2005

Yesterday at Coney Island, the Mermaid Parade.

The parade is fun and all, but really it’s just an excuse to ride the Cyclone. I went with a friend who’s also crazy for photography–so I could do the scene with somebody who was also pausing every nine seconds to get a shot of, like, a vending machine filled with Bert dolls–and her reaction to the roller coaster was hilarious. On the way up: SHITFUCKMOTHERFUCKERSHITSHIT. As the cars pulled into the station again: Is that all?
The dude offered us $5 for two to ride again; she whipped out a $5 bill from her purse in a snap. And then, all over again: SHITFUCKMOTHERFUCKERSHITSHITSHIT. And when it was over: Is that all?