November 30, 2004

Dan has rented a number of fun-looking boxes with lights on them.

I’m back at Dan’s in Minneapolis; we’re in the home stretch. Mixing. Dan’s rented a bunch of compressors and EQs that look lovely to me, but I have no idea how one would actually implement them. Like I’ve said before: I’m not an engineer. Don’t pretend to be. My essential function here is to say, about three times a day, “Yeah, that sounds great!”
(although “Get Along” from Evenhand, one of the Skittish/Rockty bonus tracks, is a home recording of mine, don’t that beat all?)
My manager Jim calls up and jokes: “What’s up, Sir Mix-a-Little?” I say: Man, you are overstating my participation in this process by a long shot.
So: this process is about keeping distracted. Lots of magazines. Spending much time on Dan’s stationary bike. I intend to buy Mutual Funds for Dummies. And, of course, searching frantically for more items under $10 on Amazon, as you people keep snapping ‘em up.
Everything’s sounding really good, though. Guitars thicker, bass growlier. (that sentence a la ee cummings, “muscles better and nerves more”–?!).