Mo Austin.

March 18, 2005

The Austin gig was really cool.

Though I generally dread industry crowds, they were good to me at Buffalo Billiards on Wednesday night. Dan Chen sounded fantastic–I love his Rhodes and Wurlitzer sounds, and his note choices are exquisite.
Also–I brought out Greeny (the green Coronado), and played most of the set with Greeny rocking through a Fender Deluxe amp. Loud! I had planned to use my Tacoma Chief acoustic on most of the show, but something went wrong with it, so I used Greeny for all songs but two. She sounded just radiant–ringing, gritty and nice. An old friend, a happy reunion. I’d forgotten just how lovely she is.
She may indeed be my guitar on the May tour, along with an acoustic and my National Resolectric.
May will just be me and Handsome Dan, which I’m psyched and slightly melancholy about–it’s likely to be my last small rock tour for a while. I’m hoping to do something kind of special with it, and pull out a bunch of tunes I don’t often play–40 Grand, Ossining, All the Dirt, Lazybones, Where Have You Gone, Sweet Francis, Maybe I’ll Come Down, Cash Cow, No Peace, Laundrytown–tunes like that, the ones that one single solitary guy in the back is yelling for. Maybe a couple/three a night or something–diversions.
I also met with my prospective drummer, Pete McNeal, a sweetheart and genius. We basked in the sunshine on the benches outside the Starbucks on Congress. Such a good dude he is. I’m sad about leaving small rock behind, but stoked to have a full band together for the Fall.