Mode Switcher.

July 3, 2006

Chicago bound.

asmara loiterers.jpg
Chuck returned to Minneapolis last night, bearing cheese curds and potato chip cookies (!) from his Mom in Wisconsin. So, this morning, we pile into the van and drive to Chicago for the big 4th of July Taste of Chicago outdoor fest; then big outdoor festivals in Milwaukee and Minneapolis.
Mode-switching provokes my anxiety; road-to-home and vice versa. Not so much when I’ve made the switch–I gain my road legs/home legs quickly–as a couple of days beforehand. This is a weird one, though; I’ve switched modes from recording-to-tour and tour-to-recordings, but never tour-to-recording-to-tour. So it’s a little surreal.
I have recieved emails complaining that at these fests, the true fans will be outnumbered by Grey’s Anatomy and Veronica Mars people. I welcome everybody.