More Proof that My Earlier Claim of Disinterest in Pop Culture Was a Terrible Awful Lie.

March 10, 2006

Bad Mike. No donut.

Taylor Hicks is my spiritual boyfriend. Can you imagine if he won? Grey headed dude that dances like Joe Cocker–that joyous, twitching imbecile situation–and plays the harmonica. Of course, I had high hopes for Bo Bice, but his single makes me feel like covering my window with duct tape and aluminum foil and napping for a month. Don’t succumb, spiritual boyfriend Taylor Hicks!
I have taken to watching Regis and Kelly and wondering if the old ladies who call in for the Travel Trivia game have access to Google. I race them to see if I can’t Google the answer to the trivia question within the thirty seconds. Does the show have a producer listening in with some kind of audio filter to hear if keys are tapping? Can one buy a muffled keyboard?