Muy Divertido!

March 16, 2006

A weekend in Chicagoland.

Stoked for this show on Saturday night at the Old Town School in Chicago. The place is apparently small–the gig’s been sold out since November–and I’ve been deluged for months with emails from people asking me to do them a favor and get them in.
No dice. Chuck “The Legend” Radue–my FOH dude–has a zillion family members coming down from Wisconsin. I am giving them nearly all my guest list places in exchange for high quality cheddar.
I even got an email from somebody who works for Oprah, which, call me corny, delighted me.
Less stoked to be in Chicago on St. Patrick’s day–I’m flying there a day early to do a radio thing for WXRT. Yay drunks! Although there’s a Marc Ribot show at the Old Town School that night, maybe I’ll go there. He’s a longtime hero, I used to gawk at him when I worked at the Knitting Factory.
The question is–when do I go to the Wiener’s Circle? I don’t do the Wiener’s Circle after 9 pm, because I can’t take the verbal abuse (their trademark is insulting drunks). And I can’t go before the show as I would sound like mush. (go to the Wiener’s Circle and skip the cheese fries–?!) The idea of going to a legendary hot dog stand in the early evening if St. Pat’s in Chicago is frightening.
Anyway. Very excited about the gig, first strictly solo show in maybe a couple of years. I plan to whip out some chestnuts.