On Hennepin, In My Rented Chevy Malibu.

November 11, 2004

Backing vocals, and more guitar, guitar, guitar.

Amy Jennings came over and did some harmonies on a couple tunes; “Madeline,” and “I Hear the Bells”–on which she did some fantastic calls-and-response. We sat on the couch with a guitar, going over the tunes, which gave me gooseflesh; I haven’t sung harmony with a woman before, what a wonderful feeling.
Amy is, incidentally, Mason Jennings’ wife. Mason went out to meet Rick Rubin in Los Angeles recently, and, upon learning that Mason had tried meditation but had little results, Rick Rubin sent him to a transcendental meditation teacher for four days. An 82 year old woman who had been to India, in 1967, at the Maharishi’s, with the Beatles. She gave Mason a mantra, which he spoke aloud once, and is forbidden to speak aloud again, and must keep a secret from everyone else in the world.
She’s not expensive, and I’ve been itching to find a holistic psychedelic experience; maybe I’ll get her number from Mason, go out there and seek her tutelage. She’s not expensive, oddly for a Beatles-associated meditation teacher in Beverly Hills.
We tracked some 12-string guitar on which the low strings had been removed, leaving only the high, chiming ones; Andy Thompson (the drummer) came over and did some mousing for us, sorting out some of the big ringing KERRROW rock chords on Sunkeneyed.