Panned by the Post!

August 25, 2006

Perhaps not so much panned as pshawed.
There’s a 5 day revival of the best of the 24 Hour Plays called 24 is 10 going up at the Fringe festival in New York this week. And I guess I should’ve blogged it before it went down, but my play went up night before last. It was Sizable Town, the first 24 hour play I ever wrote, in 1998. And it was much better than I remembered it: I was drunk that entire year.
Plus it featured my homeboy Brent Cox. Who is fresh.
The Post did shout out the performance of Julie Wright in my play, though, who was genius, and who was stricken with stage fright beforehand. Message: stage fright pays off.
This the Post after all, so it’s rull hard to give it much credence. And I recieved exactly the satisfaction I was hoping for: I sat next to Rachel Dratch in the balcony, and she giggled through the entire thing.