People Are Bad.

April 1, 2005

I flew down to Asheville, NC, yesterday, and cut a couple songs with Galactic.

It was for Radio Bonnaroo; I left my house at seven a.m., flew to Asheville, went to the Orange Peel, napped in the dressing room, drank coffee, ate at the Laughing Seed, and then we cut “The Gambler” and “People Are Bad.” I left the club at 8, was on a plane at 9, and walked back in my door in New York at 1 am. I’m exhausted, but how cool?
In the airport in Charlotte, between connecting flights, I ate a BBQ pork sandwich. It was a sandwich of above-airport quality. Ditto the hush puppies and green beans. The plate was served with a deep fried pickle–!!