Pix from the El Rey Show, Los Angeles.

October 1, 2005

These ganked from listener Thomas Rippe–author of a piece about yours truly in the USC Daily Trojan.

I’m the luckiest guy ever to play Los Angeles. We have a fantastic L.A. crowd, boisterous and vocal and happy. The usual scene is a bunch of cold fish too cool for themselves. But you, Southern Cali Mike fans, are a different breed, and I thank you.
PS. I’m not wearing the same shirt every night. I have two varieties of show-shirts; three of one and two of the other. I am diligent in my laundering habits. Though: it is the same hat. I bought a different hat in San Diego for variety’s sake, but it made me look like Mr. Potato Head. Also, I shop at J. Crew. Don’t be a hater.