Process of Distillation.

September 20, 2006

(another by Spage)
I realized that all the frantic writing that I did over the past month, trying to come up with songs for this session, resulted in just a few songs. I had no idea until I got here, into the studio, and looked at the list.
I think I have all the songs that I need. But I feel like I spent the Summer in a frenzy of writing. Get up early, make coffee, start messing around with the guitar; working until noonish when that morning energy began to wane, walk around Prospect Park. Keep myself distracted until the early evening, when I would get another jolt of creativity, fool around with words and melodies for a few more hours.
Then, at night, I would lay in bed with Garcia Marquez novels and a pen and underline words that I liked. I spent a couple years’ worth of journals on the last batch of songs, so I was trying to write with a depleted supply. I would read and underline, and the next day I would write them down in mixed up order on legal paper (kind of a lo-fi cut-up style) and refer to them when I needed lyrics to plug into the melodies.
I’m surprised I don’t have more. I guess the songs I have are just really distilled.