Relative Currency of the Famous.

April 11, 2006

I saw Chuck Norris at the airport once.

It was in L.A in the mid-90s. Chuck Norris was wearing aviator sunglasses and a sort of leather trenchcoat. He was with an L.A. blonde also wearing aviator sunglasses and a leather trenchcoat. The skycaps were very happy to see him. He gave them a crisp little salute-wave.
At the time, I thought: What a boring celebrity sighting. Now, Chuck Norris is the hippest with the children; I was struck by this when I saw an ad for Chuck Norris t-shirts on MySpace, depicting the man in mid-flying-kick.
I saw Liz Phair in an airport once and she recognized me.
I saw Gilbert Gottfried in an airport and I think I was the only guy who knew who he was. He wandered away from the gate, and the stewardess started calling, “United Passenger Gottfried, please come to the desk at gate B27.” I looked around for him, hoping I could be the guy who said, Excuse me, Gilbert? You got your upgrade.