Relentless Positivity.

February 16, 2005

These Spree folks are so nice it’s unbelievable.

These gigs have been fun; in particular, the Spree’s road crew have been so helpful and accomodating–it’s like the relentless sunshine of the Spree’s show has infected every corner of their cadre.
First gig with Handsome Dan last night; I love the man. A guy yelled out “Crispix!”, superfluously, as we were taking the stage last night, and we improvised a song called Crispix. “Crispix! CRISPIX! YEAH!”
I felt slightly guilty about making Dan’s very first live song with me ever a hasty improvisation. Throwing him right into the lake. Welcome to the most dignified Mike Doughty organization, Dan.
Oh, people have been asking me about the mystery cover tune that I was so coy and insinuating about a few months ago; obviously, to those who are on the email list and got the Haughty Melodic track list yesterday, there’s no cover song on there.
We recorded covers of the Magnetic Fields’ “The Book of Love,” and Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler.” Both sounded great, and we had a notion to end the record with a cover tune, but we were struck by this one tune that previously we’d kind of written off, “Your Misfortune.” Dan and I demoed it the very first session we ever did, but shelved it. We dusted it off in the final days of the recording, in November, looking for a b-side or two to send to ATO. We realized it was really great and bumped the cover concept.
Both “Book” and “Gambler” will find lives outside the record, though–iTunes or European or Japanese bonus tracks or something–so they’re going to be available in some form.