Reunited, and It Feels So Good.

April 23, 2006

The prodigal pianist Handsome Dan Chen joins Scrap and I onstage in Jersey.

We played in Teaneck last night, and what a show. The Jersey crowd was awesome, yelling along with “Madeline,” “Tremendous Brunettes,” “Looking at the World,” and joyously singing the backup parts on “I Hear the Bells.” it made me so happy that I made Haughty Melodic.
We had the splendid singer songwriter Nicole Atkins–I highly recommend you listen:–who, besides being blessed with a gorgeous, gritty voice (which Scrap found to have uncanny traces of Siouxsie), is also the lucky girl who stole Handsome Dan Chen away from Scrap and I.
So Scrap and I persuaded Dan to join us for a bunch of the old numbers, and it rocked like fuck. We love Dan.
During their set, Nicole repeatedly called him Handsome Dan, which made me proud that the nickname stuck, but apparently Nicole otherwise uses a new nickname, which is Cashmere. To be said always in a whisper: Casssssshmeeeerrrrrre. Nice.
Also: very fine tacos.