Rock the Bokey.

July 27, 2005

We did good in Hoboken–aka “The Bokey”–last night.

Ah, Maxwells. A club I’ve been playing for years. Todd, the booker, used to do garage rock and punk rock shows on Wednesday night at the Knitting Factory when I was the doorman there. Karl, the bartender, used to work at Warner Bros., when I was signed there.
I wore flipflops to the gig. On purpose. I thought that in this blog entry, I might be all like, “Oh, jeez, I was just wearing flipflops around NY and minding my own bidness, and suddenly there I was onstage in flipflops.” But no. I did it on purpose. They had just replaced the carpet on the stage, so mid-gig I actually took my flipflops off and did the gig barefoot. Scandalous! An absolute first for me.