Selfishly, I Did Not Approach Jennifer Hudson and Inform Her That We Were Meant to Be Together.

May 7, 2007

These photos are by J_______, except the last one, by Candida Ince, of her supercool kid Henry.
We played River Falls, Wisconsin on Saturday night. Lots of people might remember that this gig was announced about a month ago and then mysteriously disappeared from the schedule. This was because two gigs in the same area were indavertently booked–this one and the Bella Luna fest. The Bella Luna people were bummed that we had a free gig in the same month as their paid-ticket fest.
I took the paid-ticket gig off the schedule, figuring that word of mouth might get to people that the Wisconsin gig was still goin’ on.
Man, did I ever get a busload of MySpace mails about it. Where did the River Falls gig go?!
My voice was messed-up on the gig. Notes disappeared–I went high and cracked–bleh. Scrap and transposed a lot of the tunes into lower keys, and that helped. Made for a fun, murky version of “Looking.”
I played my new Les Paul, in moderately-crunchy amplified mode, rather than an acoustic guitar. I’m looking for a way to distinguish myself sonically from the contemporary mob of singer/songwriters. So I’m trying rocking it Billy Bragg style for a minute. Jury’s still out. The wind was blowing the sound around in Wisconsin, so I couldn’t hear it all that well.
Jennifer Hudson was on the plane with us flying back to LaGuardia. I was kind of startled to see Jennifer Hudson flying commercial business class. She wore a trucker’s cap (Brooklyn style 2003 makes its way slow but steady to hi-gloss Hollywood 2007). She had a couple zits, which was perversely adorable.
I saw a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio on the cover of a magazine in the airport, and was startled and bummed to see that he’s aging. Yeah, that’s maudlin 36-year-old dude sentiment. I loved Titanic. Non-ironically.
I am recommending:
Herman Dune, “I Wish That I Could See You Soon.”
Hilarious and wonderful song by cheerfully insane French people. In a better world, the quintessential number-one-hit-single Summertime jam.