Send the Word, Send the Word, Over There.

March 14, 2006

A friend of mine’s en route to Iraq.

I went to a party upstate where I saw a bunch of high school friends. We’re all still pretty close, which is awesome. An old friend works for a certain intelligence agency, and he’s headed over there in a week or so for his second trip. He wore a goatee, and told me that you have to have facial hair if you expect any Iraqi to have any respect for you whatsoever.
I get emails from guys/fans in Iraq periodically; I just got some jpegs of a market from a guy in Iraq this morning. It’s humbling.
I’d like to get involved with the USO and go over there. I’m sure I’m not a very big name to your average soldier, but maybe I could, I don’t know, play Dave covers or something. I feel like I should support those guys. I think the war was a horrible, tragic, misbegotten idea–the Bush administration feeling that a certain noble cause was worth throwing thousands of young bodies at–but I also feel that, being there, we have to stick it out. We wrecked the country, now we have to help them rebuild it.
Maybe we’ll take the hard lesson, and the next RumsfeldWolfowitzCheney to come along won’t be so cavalier, even with an all-volunteer army. My personal hope is that fewer young people will volunteer at all. Wouldn’t this be an amazing society if we put that huge military budget (even the peacetime budget!!) into schools? Drug programs?
Is somebody out there gonna chide me for naivete for saying that? Yeah.