Ship ‘Em Back To Personnel.

October 25, 2004

I did a guest spot with Galactic last night, at Irving Plaza.

We did “Move On,” “Circles,” and a tune we wrote at a soundcheck in Memphis, “People Are Bad.” I wrote lyrics to their melody–they are, in their entirety:
People are bad
People are a bad lot
Ship ‘em back to personnel
And then there’s lots of rock and roll screaming, ad-libbing of in-jokes. Last night, among other topics covered, I yelled: Ben likes Gypsy bitches! He’s got six nipples, like a wolf! Bobby Mac’s got a hangover so bad I suspect him of being bulimic!
(I’m paraphrasing that last one, I phrased it in a much hipper way that I can’t recall precisely)
The good, good dudes: Galactic. So nice to see ‘em again.
JJ Grey from Mofro opened with a solo set. He’s phenomenal.
Their drummer, Stanton Moore (who is forward-crazy: he forwards me like three forwarded-joke-emails, or political-conspiracy-forward-emails, every other day) just had a daughter. He said: “I like women so much, I made me one!”
He’s a lovely, kind man, and drums in a frenzy, sometimes standing up behind the kit, bashing the cymbals, tongue stuck out.
They played Saturday night as well, of which I was unaware. I spent that night lazing on my couch, watching the marathon of the PBS series on Broadway musicals, eating chicken apple sausage and linguine.
I said to Stanton: I’m sorry I left you hanging on Saturday night. I would’ve come and done some tunes if I knew.
Stanton: “Oh, that’s OK.”
I asked: So how was the show?
Stanton: “It was good. Mavis Staples sat in with us.”
I said: So, uh, I guess I really didn’t leave you hanging. Yeah.