Shiznits and Gizziggles.

November 14, 2004

Overdubbing vocals in the morning. Then, post-lunch, drums, drums, and drums.

One of the best things about working with Dan is that he likes to hit the studio in the morning. He’s got Coco, his child, so he’s up at cartoon hours anyway; I’m up by seven, and we’re working by 8. It’s heaven. At other studios, I have to wheedle and cajole to get the engineer to show up at 10 am.
There’s something more productive about the morning for me. It’s partially the closeness to the dream world–I get up and do my dream-journalling, and the creative mind snaps awake, I like to pounce on it. When I’m at home, they’re the most fruitful writing hours.
It’s also the light–the fantastic morning light. I like it better than dusk; there’s a purity to it. And I like the way I sing right after I wake up.
So we tracked vocals in the morning. Eric came over in the afternoon to do a couple more songs; he was heartbreaking and impeccable, as usual.
At one point, Dan had a suggestion, so he said: “Try _______; just for shiznits and gizziggles.”
Except Dan is new to the world of appropriating Black American slang, so it came out more like, “Shiznizznizznizzshizzes and gizziggizzigs.”
I said: Please never say that again unless I have a tape recorder rolling.
ps–I took the camera into the vocal booth with me, and shot these pix by holding my arm out at random and clicking the button while I was singing the takes.